I’m sure when you were growing up you had dreams of being a firefighter a doctor or maybe a cowboy. For me it was a little different. Yes I had many different ideas of what I wanted to be as an adult. As a child I remember having a strange thought about what I would be like to be a butler in some fancy mansion. Cleaning up after people, doing yard work and serving others. Well, I soon grew up and realized new ideas for my future. Those ideas started me out in video editing then grew to motion graphics then to graphic design and into 3D animation/design. Over the years of making television commercials, TV shows, independent films, short form videos and many other projects. I have learned that the key to serving others is being humble and taking initiative. While my thoughts of becoming a butler have faded, my thoughts of serving others with the skills and abilities God has given me have not. By combining my skills with that of others Graphics Butler will be a service that will leave you wanting more.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to consider using the services of Graphics Butler on your next project. :)

Bryan M. Duhnovsky (Graphics Butler)


I grew up in North Central Indiana where I graduated from Christian Life Academy with above average grades. I attended both Ivy Tech State College and North Central Indiana Bible College while working part time and making random films on the side. Trying to juggle work, school, and my side projects was rough during that time of life, but it has really paid off. After getting my associates degree from Ivy Tech State College in South Bend Indiana I accepted my first media job at LESEA Broadcasting. Within eight months I became the full time avid editor. I spent two years on an Avid system until we purchased a new Mac. At that time, I dove head first to programs like Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and others. Four years later, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland taking a position as a full time motion graphic designer. I have made videos of all kinds for clients like Meals on Wheels, Disney, Ford, Honda, BD, Notre Dame, and many more. My abilities have grown substantially because of my constant drive to grow, to learn, and to succeed. My previous job in Baltimore has given me the chance to add Cinema 4D to my resume. Since Learning Cinema 4D I have created entire 3D worlds, animated 3D cars, Logo animations, and countless other things. I learn fast and apply myself heavily. My passion, which started in movie making, has taken many turns. It has been a fantastic journey that has landed me in the proud category of motion graphics working in 2D and 3D. 

In July of 2011 we moved back to Indiana to be close to family. Now I am spending my days as a full time freelancer, working for clients all over the nation.

Aside from a passion for my work, I am a drummer and serve Jesus Christ daily. I am married with 3 awesome children and loving life! I spend lost of time working on our Indiana Homestead, raising chickens, goats & gardening.  


Associate Degree in Video Technology at Ivy Tech State College in South Bend, IN

Associate Degree in Christian Ministry at North Central Indiana Bible College in Winamac, IN


4.5 years as full time editor / motion graphics designer at LeSEA Broadcasting in South Bend, IN

3 years as full time motion graphic designer at Producers Video in Baltimore, MD

Owner of Graphics Butler Inc. Freelancing Since 2011


After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator


2010 Baltimore Gold Addy Award for design and animation of "Heroes & Genius" for the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore

2010 Baltimore Silver Addy Award for design and animation of Playworld Green Web Video

2010 Trashy Award for Toyota Demo Spot "March is a Crazy Time" Trashy Awards are awards for unused material